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Post  heyhohi on Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:53 pm

Where are you from:
Los Angeles, California Very Happy

I am currently 15 years old. I was born on April 3rd 1994.

Why do you want to be a GM:
To help, support, and protect the server. I would love to help out and make everyone smile and satisfied on the server Smile

Do you have GM expirience:
Yes, I have GM'd on many servers including TeqSun, SonataStory and OdinMS

How would you handle a Fight:
I would listen to both sides of the story. I would look for witnesess and trustable sources of public information. If there are no such sources, I will consult to higher ranking GMs and Admins. Or, try to resolve or lessen the pressure of the fight. Smile

How would you handle a Hacker:
If I get a complaint of a Hacker, I will go in hide, and warp to him/her and keep an eye on him/her until I get visual proof of hacking. If I see the player Hacking, I will give him a 2 strike penalty. One Strike is a warning, Second Strike will result in: Character Deletion, Suspension, Banned, or Jailed depending on the level of hacking.

What do you do in your free time:
Socialize and get to know my fellow GMs and Community. I would make Events and be the server's WZ editor and GFX desginer. Smile

What are your Hobbies:
I play 5 instruments: Violin, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, and Acoustic Guitar. As you can see I love music. I compose my own music and songs in my spare time. I am also an avid artist who has won about 6 awards throughout my community and nation. I love to socialize and enjoy life. When I get into work, I wont stop till I finish.

What are your interests:

I find many interests in music and art (obviously). I LOVE to watch movies and hangout with friends. I love MapleStory and anime! And im never shy, So if anyone is alone, I'll jump right into action and make friends right away! Smile

When do you get angry:
I very RARELY get angry. I mostly get angry towards liars, cheaters, hackers, and people who take advantage of other people.

Reason you applied:
I believe I may be a helpful role in the server. I can always put a smile on anyones face if necessary. Smile

Server wasnt up. But if it was, my IGN would be Kale Smile

How long have you been playing AllisonMS:
As soon as I heard of it Very Happy

How long have you been playing GMS, KMS, JMS etc.:
For around 4 to 5 years Smile
I have a level 81 Chief Bandit in Windia, a level 84 ice Lightning Mage and Dragon Knight in Scania.

Create Events:

I know some maps that would be awesome jump quest maps!
Yo Moma/ Best Joke Battle: Choose 6 players, and battle to see who has the best jokes. An Audience and judges will be needed, winner recieves a special item or a GM scrolled item.

Have you read the rules:
Of course Smile

What colors do you think make a cute (or cool) outfit?

I preferably LOVE winter outfits. Longcoats, Scarfs, and fluffy and warm hats/beanies, and gloves.
For warm weather I prefer shorts and a shirt and a wristband.

Contrasting and Blending colors are what catch my eye.

For a nice/cute winter outfit I would do:
A light blue/White or Black Beanie/warm cap
A black/ brown or white longcoat with faux fur on the hoodie.
Black or white gloves.
White or Tan Snow pants
Black Shoes.
And a White/Red/Blue/Purple/Black colored scarf.

For summer or warm weather I would use:
For Girls: a Colorful hairband preferably yellow/light blue/red or a cute little Flower or Bow clip on the side of the head.
For Boys: a pair of Sunglasses or nothing at all (on the head) LOL
Top: A slim fit T-shirt: White, Red, Light Blue
Bottom: Girls: Jean Shorts Boys: Swim Shorts/ Shorts/ Jeans

For casual:

Head: Sunglasses, Hair Band, Or Rose or Bow Clip.
Top: Tank Tops or a Slim Fit T shirt, with a long, thin jacket or a Short jacket.
Botom: Skinny Jeans, Jeans, or Shorts

Head: Sunglasses, Hat
Top: T shirt, Slim Fit T Shirt, with a Sleeveless Vest or a Jacket
Bottom: SKinny Jeans/ Jeans/ Shorts.

Extra Information:

I am a Musican, Artist, Gamer, GFX Designer, and a great socializer!
If you have a question email me at imnotkiddin@aol.com

I am not expecting to become a GM or not.
But if I did, I will never go back on what I said above Smile


- Kale


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