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Post  Phantomkyuubi on Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:34 pm


Where are you from:Toronto Very Happy



Why do you want to be a GM:I would like to become a GM because its impossible for most PS's and not to mention GMS, and i like helping people as well as playing the game with advantages.

Do you have GM expirience:No i dont but i will devote most of my time to learn the steps and become a good GM for all.

How would you handle a Fight:First i would calm the 2 or more down and get them to stop, then i would find out the cause of the feud and resolve it.

How would you handle a Hacker:Wait for them to beg then Banishment! or Point Blank Banishment!

What do you do in your free time: Play Other PSs or GMS, Make AMVs [Anime Music Videos] on youtube. Ch name= PhantomKyuubi

What are your Hobbies:Video Editing, Video Games, Basketball.

What are your interests:Music, Especially ROCK Music and some rap rock anything rock i like it Very Happy. Anime (Naruto, Bleach, Black Blood Brothers, Etc.)

When do you get angry:When someone has been making fun of me for too long, Hurts me for no reason and if its not as a joke.

Reason you applied:I didnt pass my GM app on a different PS but i felt what it was like on a PS where we all had the feel of a gm. Those servers are gone now so i am applying here.

IGN:Commonly used IGNs are: PhantomKyuubi, Kurokazi/Kazekuro/Kurokaze, and KyuubiKid.

How long have you been playing AllisonMS: Havent Started for when i found out about AllisonMS i was told the owner was on Vacay for 2 weeks. that made me sad....=[

How long have you been playing GMS, KMS, JMS etc.: I have been playing GMS on and off but all in all total time would probably be 2-4 Years.

What colors do you think make a cute (or cool) outfit? Black & Red or White & Blue

Create Events: I would make events such as: Scavenger Hunts, Trivia, Racing, and Game Show Based like Deal or no Deal, but differenly. (idk how that would work yet but ill think of something.)

Have You Read The Rules: Yes, I have indeed Read the Rules. Although i didn't want to i still did and will stick to them.

Extra Information:I'm a Guy, Highschool, and a slow learner but if i devote my time i will get it Very Happy as long as i want to learn it which im sure i will. Very Happy

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