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Post  [Admin]Allison on Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:38 pm

I am setting up a 16 person tournament for Super Smash Bros Brawl monthly for anyone who has the game.

~Must have the game
~Must have internet connection on the wii
~Must post their friend code on this topic
~Must alter the In Game rules to... -3 Stock -No items, only Smash Ball -Final Destination Stage

This tournament will run monthly

Anyone who wishes to participate must post in this topic.

The current participants are:


I will randomly select each of the pairs to battle.
Keep in mind that if you win the battle, you must show evidence of your win.I reccomend that pictures be posted on photobucket and Video's on youtube.Keep it fair and have fun!
~Allison I love you

I love Demyx!
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