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Post  CurseMItachi on Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:08 pm

Name: Jerome (I prefer Jay) Ventra

Where are you from: New York

Age: 16. I was born on August 28th, 1992.


Why do you want to be a GM: To help the server find any1 who breaks the rules so that I can improve the server for everyone.

Do you have GM expirience: I was the original Co-Owner on ShurokuMS.

How would you handle a Fight: I would bring both of them and myself into carnival jail and talk to them until the problem is resolved.

How would you handle a Hacker: If someone reports a hacker, I will go into hide and keep a close eye on said hacker until I find proof. If I find that he/she is hacking, there's nothing to handle. Hacking = IpBan.

What do you do in your free time: I hang out with friends in-game.

What are your Hobbies: Maplestory Private Servers, video games, and tv.

What are your interests: Maplestory Private Servers, video games, tv, and anime.

When do you get angry: Usually when competing in jq events. However, if I'm a GM that will not be a problem. I'm normally very happy and I love to make others laugh.

Reason you applied: To ban anyone who hacks and make the server fun for everyone.


How long have you been playing AllisonMS: 2 day's.

How long have you been playing GMS, KMS, JMS etc.: 2-3 years.

Create Events: This is just a thought but, a Timed JQ event? In this event, people compete 1 at a time to see who has the best time. (Recommended for 5 people or less)

Have you read the rules: Yes

What colors do you think make a cute (or cool) outfit?: Purple and black

Extra Information: I love helping others fit in with the people around them. I have helped many people train and helped GM's find many summoners on valorstory. I speak fluent English and some spanish. I can get hyper at times but I don't get bad enough to piss people off. I have a disorder known as Asperger Syndrome, which causes me to get angry easily, however, I haven't had a bad outburst in at least 5 years.

I look forward to any and all replies.

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